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Can I File a Claim if My Child Was Injured?

A parent’s worst nightmare comes true when their child is hurt, which causes concern, panic, and uncertainty. You might be wondering if you can submit a claim to cover medical costs and other damages in such sad circumstances. 

This page tries to enlighten parents and guardians about legal options available in New Jersey and to walk them through numerous scenarios where a child might get hurt, such as in vehicle accidents, at school, or by defective toys. 

It will also explain how a personal injury attorney may help you in such situations, ensuring that you are knowledgeable about your legal options and what you can do to safeguard your child’s rights and well-being.

Child Injured in a Car Accident

Car accidents can be highly distressing, especially when a child is involved. In such instances, parents must know their rights and the legal pathways available.

When a child is injured in a car accident due to another person’s negligence, a claim can be filed against the responsible party. This can help in obtaining compensation for medical bills, pain and suffering, among other damages.

Child Injured in a Car Accident

Parents or legal guardians can file this claim on behalf of the child, ensuring that the child’s medical and emotional needs are addressed.

Gathering evidence, such as medical records and witness statements, is crucial in establishing negligence and the extent of injuries sustained.

It’s also important to consult with a personal injury lawyer who can navigate the legal process and work towards securing the maximum possible compensation for the child’s injuries.

Child Injured by a Defective Toy

When a child is injured by a defective toy, it can be a complex scenario. Manufacturers of toys are obliged to ensure the safety of their products.

If a toy is found to be defective and causes harm to a child, it opens the pathway for a product liability claim. This kind of claim can be made against the manufacturer, distributor, or retailer of the toy.

Parents or guardians filing such claims need to establish that the toy was defective and that this defect directly caused harm to the child.

Documentation like medical reports detailing the injuries and evidence showcasing the defect in the toy is essential in building a strong case.

Legal counsel is pivotal in these cases as well, aiding in determining the liable parties and in maneuvering through the legal requisites to advocate for the child’s rights and well-being.

Child Injured at School

When a child is injured at school, it can be a situation filled with uncertainty and concern. Schools have a duty to provide a safe environment for students.

If a child sustains an injury due to a lapse in this duty, parents have the right to seek legal remedy. It is vital to document the incident accurately, report it to the appropriate school authorities, and seek immediate medical attention for the child.

Addressing legal implications can be complex, and having a knowledgeable attorney is crucial. They can guide parents through the legal processes, ensuring that the rights of the child are protected and that they receive fair compensation for their injuries.

Child Injured on a School Bus

Injuries sustained on a school bus also raise serious concerns. The school bus operators and the school district have a responsibility to ensure the safety of children during transit.

If negligence is involved in a school bus injury, a claim can be filed. Parents must collect all necessary information, including details of the incident and medical records, to build a robust case.

Navigating the legal aspects of such cases necessitates a competent attorney. They can assist in identifying the responsible parties, filing the claim accurately, and advocating for the child’s best interests, ensuring their well-being and just compensation for the injuries sustained.

Child Injured at a Friend’s House

When a child is injured at a friend’s house, it can create a stressful situation for all parties involved. It’s essential for parents to understand their rights in such instances.

Parents should inquire about the circumstances leading to the injury and get medical attention for their child immediately. It’s crucial to communicate openly with the child’s friend’s parents and, if necessary, discuss liability and insurance coverage.

Legal counsel may become necessary if there is difficulty in resolving the issue or if the injury is severe. An attorney can provide guidance on how to approach the situation and if needed, how to file a claim for compensation to cover medical bills and other damages.

Child Injured While Riding in Another Person’s Car

Injuries sustained while a child is riding in another person’s car can also be a cause for concern. The driver has a responsibility to ensure the safety of all passengers, including children. If the driver’s negligence causes an injury, parents may need to pursue a claim against the driver’s insurance. Documentation of the injury and details of the incident will be critical.

A legal advisor can assist parents in understanding their rights and the steps to take following such an incident. They can aid in the negotiation with insurance companies and ensure fair compensation is obtained for the child’s injuries.

Child Injured in a Pedestrian Accident

If a child is injured in a pedestrian accident, immediate action is required. After seeking urgent medical care, it’s important to gather as much information as possible about the incident. This may include details of the location, the involved parties, and any witnesses.

Child Is Injured in the Playground

When a child is injured in the playground, parents should promptly seek medical care for the child and gather information about how the injury occurred.

It is vital to identify if inadequate supervision or unsafe playground equipment caused the injury. If so, there might be grounds for filing a claim.

Statute of Limitations for Child Injuries in New Jersey

In New Jersey, the law allows a specific time frame to file a claim, known as the statute of limitations. For child injuries, this period extends until two years after the child turns 18, giving enough time to understand the long-term impacts of the injury and to pursue legal action if necessary.

How Can a Personal Injury Lawyer Assist You in All Cases?

Legal Guidance: A personal injury lawyer provides valuable legal advice, helping parents understand their rights and the best course of action to take after their child has been injured.

Filing Claims

Lawyers assist in accurately filing claims, ensuring all necessary documentation is submitted and deadlines are met.

Negotiation & Representation

Attorneys play a pivotal role in negotiating with insurance companies and representing the child’s interests in court if a settlement cannot be reached.

Securing Compensation

A lawyer works diligently to secure compensation for medical bills, pain, suffering, and other damages related to the child’s injury.

Understanding your rights, the legal options available, and having professional legal representation are key elements in ensuring the well-being and protection of a child after an injury. The focus is on facilitating the child’s recovery and securing their future.


Are There Any Deadlines for Filing Injury Claims for Children?

Yes, there are deadlines, or statutes of limitations, for filing injury claims for children, which vary by state; in some areas, the clock starts when the child turns 18.

What Types of Damages Are Available in Childhood Injury Claims?

Children’s injury claims can include damages for medical expenses, pain and suffering, disability, disfigurement, and future loss of earning capacity, depending on the specifics of the case.

How is a Child Injury Settlement Paid Out?

A child injury settlement is typically paid out through a structured settlement or into a protected account, ensuring the funds are used solely for the benefit of the child; the disbursement methods are regulated and may vary by jurisdiction, sometimes requiring court approval.


In conclusion, when a child has an injury, parents or guardians must act promptly and carefully. It is essential to comprehend the specifics of the harm and look into legal options. No matter where the accident occurred—at school, in a car, on a playground, at a friend’s house—immediate medical attention and, if necessary, legal counsel should be sought.

A knowledgeable personal injury attorney can assist parents with the claim-filing procedure, guaranteeing the protection of the child’s rights and the achievement of fair recompense. The future and well-being of the child must always come first in all situations.

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