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How To Write A Personal Injury Demand Letter ?

A Demand Letter is the first step in the negotiating process of settling a personal injury claim. The letter is prepared by the injured party and sent to the insurance adjuster managing the car accident claim

These letters should be prepared in a professional manner and follow the guidelines listed below.

Create A Header

You should start the letter with your name and contact information listed first. Next, you’ll be able to provide full information on the person you’re reaching out to. This is just a standard business header for any letter. Next, you will add the insurance policy/claim number, the date of the accident, and the term “For Settlement Purposes Only,”

Make sure that everything is spelled correctly and that the information provided is accurate.

Accident Information

The first part after your introduction will be to state that you are contacting them regarding the following event. Here you will provide detailed information about the accident. Use approximates for times and similar measures because making something an “exact” number can lead to disputes in the demand.

Here you will also include a brief look at the damages you received and wish to be compensated for from the insurance company.

Basis For Damages

You will need to show in this section of the letter why the person covered by the insurance policy was at fault for the accident. You must be able to prove why the insurance company is responsible for their actions.

The Settlement Requested

The next part of your letter will need to show how you have come up with the amounts you have requested for your compensation. This must be detailed information. Attach any supporting documentation to the letter to prove these points and note in the letter that these documents are attached.

How To Write A Personal Injury Demand Letter

Wrap Up

Then to conclude the letter, you will need to give a brief overview of all the information, restate your demand amount and sign it with your full contact information again.

You will need to sign it in blue or black ink by hand and make two copies of the document. The original document must be sent by certified mail return receipt to the insurance company. When the return receipt comes back, attach it to one of the copies as proof that they have received the letter.

The third copy you will use for notes when you begin the negotiation process.

Accuracy Is Crucial To Demand Letter Success

Demand letters must be written with accuracy so that nothing can be disputed during the negotiation process. Additionally, it is important to provide all of the facts of the claim so that there is nothing that can be used at a later point to reduce the amount of compensation.

Speak With A Personal Injury Attorney About Creating A Demand Letter

If you do not feel comfortable preparing a demand letter for your compensation, you are encouraged to speak with a personal injury lawyer about your case. Your attorney can prepare a professional Demand Letter for you that will help you secure the best possible compensation package for your losses.

Your attorney can also manage the negotiations process once the Demand Letter has been received. This can be very beneficial to your claim.

Having an attorney manage your accident claim is always the simplest solution to this complex issue. Your attorney will have the experience and knowledge to be able to help you get the maximum compensation for your losses.

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