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Neck Injuries And Claims After A Car Accident In NJ

Car accidents are a disturbing experience for anyone, and in the busy traffic of New Jersey, they’re not uncommon.

When a car accident occurs, neck injuries are among the most reported issues by drivers and passengers alike. 

It’s not just about the immediate pain; these injuries can have long-lasting effects on your well-being and daily life. 

Neck Injuries And Claims After a Car Accident in NJ

For those injured in such unfortunate events, understanding the health implications and how to surpass the legal challenges for claims is crucial.

Neck Pain Car Accident Settlement

Settling for neck pain after a car accident involves calculating the extent of the injury, medical expenses, and the impact on your quality of life. 

Statistics suggest that neck injury claims can vary greatly. With some settlements reaching significant amounts, especially when injuries are severe and chronic.

Can Someone Sue for Neck Injury After an Auto Accident?

If your neck gets hurt in a car crash in New Jersey, you have the right to take legal action against the person who caused the accident. 

You can ask for money to cover your medical bills, the earnings you missed because you couldn’t work, and the hurt and discomfort you endured. 

Data shows many people get money from such claims, which helps them recover and get back on their feet.

Common Neck Injury Symptoms After a Car Accident

The symptoms of a neck injury after a car accident may include:

  1. Stiffness or pain in the neck area
  2. Pain that worsens with movement
  3. Loss of range of motion in the neck
  4. Headaches, often starting at the base of the skull
  5. Numbness or tingling in the limbs

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How Many Types of Neck Injury After Car Accidents

There are several types of neck injuries one can suffer from after a car accident, including:

  1. Whiplash: A neck injury from sudden back-and-forth neck movement, like when two cars hit. It can cause pain and needs quick treatment to get better.
  2. Neck strain: When muscles or tendons in your neck stretch too much or tear. It can hurt and make moving your neck hard. Rest and care help it heal.
  3. Disc injury: This happens when the cushioning pads in your spine, called discs, get damaged. This can cause pain, weakness, or numbness in your neck and back.
  4. Cervical radiculopathy: When a nerve in the neck gets pinched or irritated. It can cause pain, tingling, or weakness in the arms or hands.
  5. Fractures: If bones in your neck break, it’s severe and painful. You must get help from a doctor right away to heal safely.

Can I Get a Compensation Claim from an Insurance Company After Neck Injury Issue?

Yes, you can claim compensation from an insurance company after a neck injury. This compensation may cover:

  1. Medical bills
  2. Rehabilitation costs
  3. Lost wages
  4. Pain and suffering

How Can I File Police Report for Neck Injury After Car Accidents

If you’ve hurt your neck in a car accident, it’s crucial to tell the police fast. Here’s what to do:

  1. Call Right Away: Dial 911 or the local police number as soon as you can. Tell them what happened and where you are.
  2. Tell Them What Happened: Give the police clear details about the crash. Be honest and thorough.
  3. Get the Report: Ask the officer how you can get a copy of the police report. You’ll need this for the insurance company and maybe for court.

How to Prove Neck Injury After Accident

To show you hurt your neck in an accident, you need clear proof. First, a doctor’s report describes your injury. 

Then, people who saw the accident tell what happened. If you have pictures or videos of the accident place, they are beneficial. 

Sometimes, a neck injury expert talks about your injury to explain its seriousness.

Statistics say that having these pieces of evidence makes it more likely for you to win your case and get money to help with your injury.

Time Limit for Neck Injury Claim

In New Jersey, you have two years from when your accident happened to ask for money for your neck injury. This rule is called the statute of limitations. 

If you wait too long and these two years pass, you might not be able to get money for your injury anymore. 

It’s important to know this because statistics show many people miss the chance by waiting too long to act.

Consult a Personal Injury Attorney for Your Neck Injury in New Jersey

If your neck got hurt in a car crash in New Jersey, you really should speak with a personal injury lawyer. Here’s how they can help:

  1. Look at Your Situation: A good lawyer will listen to your story, look at what happened, and tell you how strong your case is.
  2. Show You the Steps: There are many steps to get money for your injury. A lawyer can guide you through each one, so you don’t get lost or miss something important.
  3. Stand Up for You: Whether talking to the other driver’s insurance or in front of a judge, your lawyer will speak for you. They’ll work to get you the best outcome.


Can I Easily Recover from Neck Injury?

Recovery from a neck injury depends on the severity and the individual’s condition; some may recover quickly, while others might take longer or require ongoing treatment.

What Is the Average Settlement for Neck Injury in NJ?

Settlements vary widely, with factors like injury severity, impact on life, and insurance coverage affecting the amount.


Neck injuries from car accidents can lead to significant pain and disruption in your life. In New Jersey, the law allows victims to claim compensation for their injuries. 

Pay attention to the symptoms, understand the types of injuries, and take timely legal action. 

A competent personal injury attorney, like Rosengard Law Firm attorneys, can be invaluable in helping victims navigate the process and secure the compensation they deserve. 

Remember, the key is prompt action, from seeking medical help to filing a claim; time is of the essence.

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