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Brachial Plexus Injuries Leads To Erb’s Palsy

When excessive pressure is placed on the infant’s head and neck, damage to the nerves controlling the shoulder, arm, and hand of the baby can occur. The injury is referred to as Erb’s Palsy when it affects the entire shoulder and arm and Klumpke’s Palsy, which causes weakness in the lower arm, wrist, and fingers.

Erb’s Palsy can cause serious problems in the arm of the baby. In many cases, the nerve damage also leads to damage to the bones and muscles in the affected arm. That arm may not grow right or move correctly, even after corrective surgery. Babies with Erb’s Palsy enter into physical therapy by the age of three days old and may have to continue with this therapy for their entire life.

If your baby is diagnosed with Klumpke’s Palsy, the therapy is very similar. Surgical repairs to the muscles and nerves in the arm may still be necessary. This form of palsy will require that the baby begin physical therapy as soon as three months old. Your child may be required to have physical therapy for the rest of their life to correct this condition.

The victim, throughout their lives, will feel the effects of Erb’s Palsy. It is only right that the responsible party for this avoidable birth injury is held accountable for their actions. If your baby has been injured during delivery, contact a New Jersey birth injury lawyer about your case.

Compensation Available For Erb’s Palsy Injury Victims

When your baby has been injured during delivery and diagnosed with Erb’s palsy, it is important that you seek legal representation from New Jersey Erb’s palsy lawyers. Your baby is entitled to have all of their medical care costs covered by the responsible party.

Working with an attorney will allow you to secure a complete compensation package for your injured baby. Your attorney will discuss with you all the types of compensation that will be available to your baby based on the facts of the case. Compensation packages are different for each person because every injury is different. Further reading: NJ injury lawyers

How Much Does A Personal Injury Lawyer Cost?

We are a contingency fee-based law firm. This means that we do not require any up-front payment for our legal services. We are only paid when we win your case. Working on a contingency basis ensures that our clients have access to legal representation in their time of need.

As your attorneys, we will build a solid medical malpractice case against the party responsible for your baby’s injury. We will make sure that any compensation that is offered is fair and complete. We know that you are dealing with so many things right now as you care for your injured baby, and we will work diligently to relieve some of that stress by managing your case.

There is no reason to delay speaking with an attorney about the injury to your baby. If your baby has suffered an injury during birth, protect their rights, and speak with a malpractice attorney.