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Red-Light Cameras Reduce Car Crashes In New Jersey

In recent years, New Jersey has implemented red-light cameras at intersections to enhance road safety. Many wonder if these cameras truly reduce accidents or if they cause more harm.

In this article, we will explore the safety gains and losses associated with red-light cameras, what happens when you run a red light with a camera, the consequences of accidentally running a red light, 2023 red-light running statistics, the benefits of red-light cameras, and how to contact car accident attorneys in NJ if needed.

By shedding light on these aspects, we aim to provide a clear understanding of how red-light cameras impact road safety in New Jersey.

Red-Light Cameras Reduce Car Crashes In New Jersey

Do Red-Light Cameras Cause More Accidents?

One of the primary concerns about red-light cameras is whether they contribute to more accidents. However, studies suggest that the overall impact is positive, reducing the occurrence of certain types of crashes. 

Here are the key points to consider:

Safety Gains

Numerous studies have consistently indicated a noteworthy decrease in right-angle crashes, commonly known as T-bone collisions. These types of accidents are often severe, causing significant damage to vehicles and posing a high risk of injuries to occupants. 

For example, in a city where red-light cameras were implemented at busy intersections, the instances of T-bone crashes decreased by 20%, signifying a substantial improvement in intersection safety.

Safety Losses

While the safety gains are evident, some argue that red-light cameras may contribute to an increase in rear-end collisions.

The rationale behind this concern is that drivers, upon noticing the presence of a red-light camera, may abruptly stop to avoid receiving a ticket for running the red light.

This sudden deceleration can catch following drivers off guard, resulting in rear-end collisions.

For instance, in a study analyzing the impact of red-light cameras on rear-end collisions, it was found that rear-end collisions increased by 10% in areas where red-light cameras were introduced.

However, it’s essential to note that the effectiveness of red-light cameras can vary based on factors such as driver behavior and intersection design.

What Happens If You Run a Red Light with a Camera?

Running a red light with a camera can have consequences beyond a traffic ticket. Here’s what you need to know:

  1. Traffic Ticket: If you’re caught on camera running a red light, you’ll likely receive a citation in the mail.
  2. The ticket includes a fine, and multiple violations may result in increased penalties.
  3. Points on Driving Record: Red-light violations typically add points to your driving record, affecting insurance rates.
  4. Accumulating too many points may lead to license suspension or other penalties.
  5. Video Evidence: Red-light cameras capture video footage, providing irrefutable evidence of the violation.
  6. This evidence can be used in legal proceedings if you choose to contest the ticket.

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What Happens If I Accidentally Ran a Red Light?

Accidents happen, and sometimes drivers unintentionally run red lights. Here’s what to do if you find yourself in this situation:

  1. Ensure the safety of yourself and others by pulling over to a safe location if possible.
  2. Do not try to flee the scene; it can lead to more severe consequences.
  3. If you realize you’ve run a red light, admit the mistake.
  4. Keep in mind that claiming ignorance may not be a valid defense.
  5. If caught on camera, expect to receive a citation in the mail.
  6. Consider consulting with a car accident attorney to understand your options.

Red Light Running Statistics in 2023

In 2023, comprehending the prevalence of red-light running is pivotal for assessing the efficacy of red-light cameras in enhancing road safety.

Nationwide, alarming statistics reveal that approximately 846 lives were lost in crashes linked to red-light running, with an estimated 139,000 individuals sustaining injuries in these incidents.

In the context of New Jersey, red-light running significantly contributed to intersection-related accidents, underscoring the urgent need for measures to address this issue. 

However, there is a ray of hope as red-light cameras in the state played a crucial role in mitigating the frequency of such incidents, emphasizing their positive impact on curbing the dangers associated with red-light running.

Benefits of Red Light Cameras

Despite the debates, red-light cameras offer several benefits in enhancing road safety:


Knowing the presence of red-light cameras encourages drivers to obey traffic signals. Acts as a deterrent against reckless behavior at intersections.

For instance, in a city where red-light cameras were introduced, there was a noticeable decline in the number of violations, showcasing how these cameras can effectively discourage reckless behavior at intersections.

Intersection Safety

Red-light cameras focus on promoting safe behaviors at intersections, reducing severe collisions. Enhances overall traffic safety in high-risk areas.

In a metropolitan area where red-light cameras were strategically placed, there was a discernible 30% reduction in severe collisions at intersections, highlighting the positive impact on overall traffic safety.

Revenue for Safety Initiatives

Fines collected from red-light violations contribute to funding traffic safety programs. Supports initiatives aimed at preventing accidents and improving road infrastructure.

For example, funds obtained from red-light violations may be allocated to support educational campaigns, awareness programs, and infrastructure improvements aimed at preventing accidents.

Contacting Car Accident Attorneys in NJ

In the unfortunate event of a car accident or red-light violation, consulting a car accident attorney can provide valuable guidance. Legal advice from professionals at reputable firms, such as the Rosengard Law Group, is essential.

Car accident attorneys specialize in traffic law and can offer advice on processing legal proceedings. 

Understanding your rights and options is important in resolving legal matters effectively. If faced with legal action, having legal representation increases the likelihood of a favorable outcome, ensuring a fair and just resolution.


Are Red Light Cameras Ethical?

Red-light cameras aim to improve road safety rather than punish drivers. Ethical concerns may arise regarding privacy and automated enforcement, but the primary goal is public safety.

Why Are People Running Red Lights?

Common reasons include distracted driving, aggressive behavior, and misjudgment. Red-light cameras address these issues by promoting responsible driving habits.


In conclusion, red-light cameras in New Jersey are vital in improving road safety. While concerns exist about potential drawbacks, the overall impact is positive, with a decrease in severe crashes.

Understanding the consequences of running a red light and the benefits of red-light cameras can empower drivers to make informed choices on the road. 

In case of legal challenges, seeking advice from experienced car accident attorneys in NJ ensures a fair and just resolution. Ultimately, the integration of red-light cameras contributes to creating safer road environments for everyone.

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