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The Most Common Injuries Sustained In A Parking Lot Car Accident

We suspect that almost all first time drivers had trouble parking their vehicles in parking lots especially the ones containing cramped spaces. And probably a few of them encountered minor fender benders or collisions of some sort at some point in theirs lives. Parking lots are notorious for distracted driving, jaywalking pedestrians, and arguments between drivers over available slots.

The Most Common Injuries Sustained In A Parking Lot Car Accident

With that being said, the following information talks about what to do when you are involved in a parking lot accident. 

After A Car Accident

While there are people who believe that some minor fender benders are not worth paying attention to or being reported, this does not apply to parking lot accidents, of any shape, form, or severity.

The first course of action to take here is to act in your best interests by calling your insurance company or lawyer. In essence, some of the things to do right after a collision are:

  •  Pull the car over, and away from the traffic, into a safe place
  •  Turn on the emergency flashers if the car can’t be moved
  •  Call for medical assistance if one of the parties involved in injured
  •  Notify the police or security personnel guarding the lot 
  •  Call your vehicle insurance company
  •  Collect evidence in the form of photos of the location, damage to the vehicle, parking spot as well as any visual elements that would assist in future inquiries. 
  •  Exchange information with the other parties involved
  •  Collect the details of any witnesses present
  •  Contact an attorney experienced in handling traffic and parking lot accidents

Even noting down minor details, such as the time, date, weather conditions, and traffic around the accident location can make a huge difference in the outcome of your accident case. And if there are injuries or arguments between parties, it is imperative that you call an attorney. 

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Reporting the Incident

Parking lot accidents may or may not lead to a visit from your local police department, especially when there is no damage and no one is injured. Even if they visit, they may not write up an accident report, which is essential if you plan to file a claim or take the case to court.

However, many parking lots are patrolled by security officers who may assist you with writing a report and bringing it to the attention of a police officer. A report of any length can help with key details about the accident.

Calling the Insurance Company

You are contractually obligated to contact your car insurance company as soon as the accident, be it in a parking lot or anywhere else. You may be tempted not to call, or the other driver may try to convince you to not get insurance involved. However, not calling can cost you later, not only in terms of damage recovery but legal matters as well.  

This said, there may be injuries that may go unnoticed at first, only to resurface later. Your car may have suffered damages that you failed to discover initially. The other parties may attempt to file a lawsuit against you for reasons unknown to you. By calling your insurance company, and reporting the accident to the appropriate authority, you will save yourself a lot of headaches. 

Contacting a Car Accident Lawyer

Hopefully, you are now looking at parking lot accidents with new eyes and probably a new perspective too. We also cannot stress enough how important contacting an accident attorney is in safeguarding your psychological and financial health. A reliable NJ car accident lawyer can help through remediation strategies and offer support in legal matters surrounding the accident.

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