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What If Bad Road Conditions Cause My Accident?

When you file a claim for a car accident in NJ, both sides of the issue will gather information for their case. This is known as discovery, and all court cases take this step before a case goes to trial.

What If Bad Road Conditions Cause My Accident?

One of the things that will take place is a deposition. This is where each party will ask questions from the other party to gather evidence about the case. The insurance company will call you in for a deposition if you have been injured in a car accident.

Your attorney will meet with you before the questioning session and will attend the meeting with you. They will also give you information about what questions to expect and how you should act during the meeting. This will ensure that the deposition moves smoothly and the results will benefit your case.

Who Will be at the Deposition?

When you arrive at the deposition, you can expect the following people to be in the meeting room:

– You and your NJ injury attorney
– The attorney for the insurance company
– A court reporter who will be recording all of the information that takes place during the questioning session

There should not be anyone else in the meeting room. Anyone else that may have been injured or the responsible party will be deposed separately from you. This eliminated any pressures you may feel having these other parties in your meeting.

What Types of Questions Should I Expect at a Deposition?

The questions will most likely be divided into three categories. You should expect questions that are similar to the following.

Personal Information

– What is your full legal name and date of birth?
– What is your marital status?
– What is your current address, and how long have you lived there?
– What is your educational background?
– What is your profession and employment history?
– Do you have children, and do they live with you at home? Are they minors?

Accident Information

– On what day did the accident occur? What time did it happen?
– What was the weather like that day?
– What were the road conditions? Was the road slippery, wet, icy, snow-covered? Were there any obstacles or construction present?
– Did the accident occur at a stop sign or stoplight? What way were you going, and what color was the light on your side when it happened?
– Do you remember what happened right after the impact? Did your car move, roll over, get pushed into other traffic?
– How extensive was the damage to your vehicle?
– Do you remember speaking to the other driver? What was said?
– Were there any witnesses to the accident?
– Were you under the influence of any alcohol, drugs, or prescription medications at the time of the accident?

Injury Information

– What injuries did you receive in the accident?
– Was any previous injuries or medical conditions aggravated by accident?
– Did you go to the hospital immediately? By ambulance? Did you delay seeking treatment? If so, why?
– Have you been under the continual care of a medical care provider for these injuries since the accident?
– Have you missed work due to these injuries?
– How have these injuries impacted your daily life?
– Do you know the cost of your medical care to date?
– has your doctor stated you would require long-term therapy or care for your injuries?

You will be given a list of the questions before the meeting so that you can gather any necessary information and be prepared for the answers.

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