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Why More Car Accidents Happen In Summer

As the sun graces our skies during the summer months, the roads become both a haven for adventure and a hotspot for increased car accidents. In this article, we unravel the mystery behind why summer witnesses a surge in vehicular mishaps. 

From the higher volume of traffic and the celebratory spirit leading to impaired driving during holiday events to adverse weather conditions and the challenges posed by construction work, we explore eight key reasons behind the uptick in summer accidents.

Why More Car Accidents Happen In Summer

8 Reasons Why More Car Accidents Happen in Summer

Understanding these factors is crucial for drivers to adopt preventive measures and ensure safer journeys amidst the seasonal hustle and bustle.

1. Higher Traffic Volume

The summer months lure people out of their homes, leading to increased traffic on roads and highways. Vacationers, commuters, and day-trippers contribute to congestion, raising the likelihood of accidents.

2. Holiday Celebrations and Events

Festivities bring people together, but they also bring an increase in impaired driving due to alcohol consumption. Holiday events can lead to distracted driving as drivers engage in conversations or are drawn to the excitement around them.

3. Adverse Weather Conditions

Contrary to popular belief, summer isn’t always sunshine and clear skies. Thunderstorms and heavy rainfall can reduce visibility and create slippery roads. Sudden weather changes catch drivers off guard, contributing to accidents.

4. Construction and Road Work

Summer is prime time for road maintenance and construction projects. Detours and reduced lanes can confuse drivers, leading to collisions. Increased construction activity poses hazards, with workers and heavy machinery near traffic.

5. Teenage Drivers and School Breaks

With schools out for summer, teenage drivers hit the roads, sometimes lacking experience and maturity. The combination of youthful exuberance and inexperience increases the risk of accidents.

6. Tourists and Unfamiliar Roads

Tourists exploring new destinations may struggle with unfamiliar traffic patterns and road signs. These unfamiliar roads contribute to hesitation and potential errors, leading to accidents.

7. Fatigue and Long Drives

Summer vacations often involve long drives, leading to driver fatigue. Exhausted drivers are more prone to lapses in concentration and slower reaction times.

8. Reckless Driving and Speeding

The liberating feel of summer may tempt drivers to push the speed limits. Reckless driving and speeding significantly heighten the risk of accidents.

What Safety Measures Can Drivers Take to Avoid Summer Car Accidents?

  1. Check real-time traffic updates before embarking on your journey.
  2. Plan alternative routes to avoid congestion and potential delays.
  3. If you’ve consumed alcohol, arrange for a designated driver or use alternative transportation.
  4. Remain alert and focused, especially during festive events.
  5. Slow down in rainy or stormy conditions to maintain control of your vehicle.
  6. Increase following distances to allow for extended braking in wet conditions.
  7. Follow posted speed limits and be vigilant in construction zones.
  8. Be prepared for sudden stops and lane changes due to road work.
  9. If you have teenage drivers, set clear guidelines for responsible driving.

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How can I avoid accidents during the increased traffic of summer holidays?

Processing the heightened traffic of summer holidays requires a combination of foresight and responsible driving habits.

Firstly, planning by checking real-time traffic updates can help you choose less congested routes, minimizing the risk of accidents associated with traffic jams.

During holiday celebrations and events, it’s crucial to stay sober and alert, whether you’re behind the wheel or attending festivities. 

Adverse weather conditions common in summer, such as sudden rain showers, demand cautious driving to maintain control and prevent accidents.

Construction zones, prevalent during the summer months, require patience and adherence to posted speed limits to process safely.

If you’re sharing the road with teenage drivers during school breaks, encouraging open communication about responsible driving can contribute to overall safety. 

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Consult with an Experienced Car Accident Attorney in NJ

When faced with the after-effects of a car accident, seeking guidance from legal experts is paramount. In these situations, seeking guidance from professionals like car accident attorneys in New Jersey can offer invaluable assistance.

The experienced attorneys at Rosengard Law Group specialize in processing the complexities of personal injury cases, including those stemming from summer car accidents. 

Their expertise can help victims understand their rights, assess potential legal actions, and guide them through the legal process.

Collaborating with professionals ensures that individuals receive the necessary support to pursue fair compensation and process the complexities of legal proceedings following a summer car accident.


Are there specific times during the summer when car accidents are more common?

Accidents often peak during weekends and holidays when traffic is at its highest.

Do insurance rates typically increase due to more accidents in the summer?

Insurance rates may not directly correlate with seasons but can be influenced by increased claims during accident-prone periods.

Are there specific age groups more prone to accidents during summer?

Teenagers and young adults may be more susceptible due to factors like inexperience and increased driving during school breaks.


As we process the summer roads, understanding the reasons behind increased accidents equips us to take proactive measures. By staying vigilant, planning, and embracing responsible driving habits, we can ensure a safer and more enjoyable journey during the warmer months. 

Let’s make this summer a season of sunshine, not accidents. Safe travels!

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