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How to Write a Car Accident Witness Statement in NJ

Witnesses are key in car accident lawsuits. They provide vital information and perspective on crashes so the injured can secure the compensation they’re entitled to.

But for witnesses to have a real impact on these cases, they have to give a statement — often referred to as a car accident witness statement.

Below, the team explains how to write a car accident witness statement in New Jersey. 

A person signing a car accident witness statement with a pen at a desk.

Whether you’re a car accident victim dealing with witnesses or a witness yourself, this guide is for you. Read on to learn more, or contact our firm by calling 856-284-6446 or contacting us online today.

What Is the Importance of a Car Accident Witness Statement?

In New Jersey, car accident witness statements are often key to the resolution of a car accident lawsuit. Here are some reasons why these statements are so important:

  • They corroborate events. A witness statement provides an independent account of what happened during the accident. That can help corroborate or clarify the details that you and any other drivers provided.
  • They establish facts. These statements help establish facts like the sequence of events, the conditions at the time of the accident (like weather or road conditions), and the behavior of the involved drivers.
  • They help determine fault. Witness statements can assist in determining liability or fault in the accident (fault plays a key role in NJ car accident compensation). They provide an unbiased perspective from someone who observed the incident from a different vantage point.
  • They play a role in insurance claims. Witness statements can support insurance claims by providing additional evidence and context about the accident.

What Type of Witness Is Important in a Car Accident?

If you plan to pursue compensation for a car accident in which you were injured, you’re going to want to have witnesses and witness statements. 

But who can be a witness in New Jersey? Here’s an idea of the parties who may be able to provide strong witness statements to bolster your case:

  • Independent eyewitnesses. Individuals who saw the accident but were not directly involved as drivers or passengers in any of the vehicles. Courts generally see their testimony as more impartial and objective.
  • Passengers. Passengers in any of the involved vehicles can provide important firsthand accounts of what they observed before, during, and after the accident.
  • Pedestrians or bystanders.People who were nearby but not directly involved in the accident may have seen important details. Think the behavior of drivers, traffic signals, or road conditions.
  • Expert witnesses. In some cases, expert witnesses — like accident reconstruction specialists or medical professionals — may provide testimony regarding the mechanics of the accident or the resulting injuries. These people are not witnesses in the sense that they saw the crash, but they can provide witness testimony nonetheless.

Some or all of these types of witnesses may be important in your auto injury lawsuit.

Which Factors Make a Strong Car Accident Witness Report?

Car accident witness reports aren’t all equally valuable. Various factors can determine just how important or powerful a particular witness statement will be.

Here are some examples of factors that can strengthen any New Jersey car accident witness report:

  • The witness was close to the crash and saw it occur.
  • The witness tells the story of what they saw consistently, without changing details over time.
  • The witness was paying attention when the crash occurred. In other words, they weren’t looking at their phone or otherwise distracted.
  • The witness was not inebriated, impaired, or similarly unable to accurately understand what they were seeing when the accident happened.
  • The witness is unbiased. Their statement is considered more impartial if they are not related to you or otherwise likely to side with you.

How Can an Accident Witness Statement Help a Car Accident Victim in NJ?

An accident witness statement can help a New Jersey car accident victim by providing key details that show that the other driver was at fault. These statements often corroborate one side of the story during legal proceedings.

That can make the difference between recovering no compensation and recovering the full amount you deserve.

What Are 3 Things You Should Do When You Witness an Accident?

If you’ve witnessed an accident, consider taking the following three steps:

  1. Contact the police if they haven’t already been called.
  2. Make yourself available to speak with police and involved drivers about what you saw. 
  3. Write down what you saw so it doesn’t escape your memory.

These steps help ensure that the involved parties can sort out any ensuing legal issues fairly.

If you are struggling to locate witnesses or other key evidence in your car accident lawsuit, you’re probably stressed. But don’t lose hope.

Instead, contact the experienced New Jersey car accident attorneys at Rosengard Law Group. During a free consultation, we’ll be happy to discuss your case, possible witnesses, and other important considerations as you seek compensation.

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