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Slip and Fall accidents may seem like a very straightforward type of case. They’re very complex, so it’s wise to consult a New Jersey slip-and-fall lawyer to learn the next best steps.

The law places the burden on the victim to show that the owner of the property knew of the problem that caused the slip and fall and failed to do anything to prevent the accident from occurring.

Property owners and management companies are quick to place the blame on the victim for falling.

They also usually have a team of commercial lawyers backing up their claims, making it difficult for the victims to make a claim.

When you have been injured in a slip and fall accident, the best way to protect your rights to make a compensation claim is to seek assistance from a New Jersey slip and fall lawyer.

The Rosengard Law Group New Jersey injury lawyers can help with your slip and fall claim. You can call for your FREE CASE EVALUATION today at 856.284.6446.

We’ll be happy to review your case, answer your questions, and give you the information you need to take the next steps in your claim.

Rosengard Law Group New Jersey slip and fall lawyers help those in need

When you left your home the day of your accident, you never anticipated falling and getting hurt. You never thought a slip and fall could lead to severe injury and pain.

You are frustrated that the insurance company doesn’t care and that the whole thing could have been avoided if the property owner had kept the property safe.

We feel your pain. Your life has become chaotic, and it feels like you may never regain control.

Working with a New Jersey slip-and-fall lawyer can help eliminate a lot of the chaos and frustration you are experiencing with your case and allow you to focus more on recovering from your injuries.

Rosengard Law Group successfully helps slip-and-fall accident victims by providing them with the following services:

  1. Investigate the circumstances of the accident, so legal responsibility for the event can be determined.
  2. Review pictures and surveillance videos to get a better understanding of the event.
  3. Review the accident report and speak with any witnesses who saw the fall happen.
  4. Interview the property owners or any employees who may have relevant information about the accident.
  5. Manage all contact between you and the insurance company.
  6. Make sure that the insurance company provides you with the access you need to medical care providers.
  7. Consult with experts that may include: building inspectors, code enforcement officials, snow and ice experts, and maintenance experts. We may also speak with medical experts to show how the fall caused your injury. All of this information will be used to build a solid case.
  8. Gather all of the evidence and prepare your case as if it were going to trial.
  9. File all necessary paperwork with the court and with the insurance company.
  10. Compose a Demand Letter when all the evidence has been gathered to send to the insurance company on your behalf. This will start the negotiation process for a compensation package.
  11. Negotiate with the insurance company to win a complete compensation package.
  12. When a settlement is reached, we will make sure that all of your outstanding medical bills are covered.
  13. If the case does not settle, we will take your claim to trial.

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Common slip and fall accidents

A slip-and-fall accident can occur at any commercial establishment. However, we have found that there are some areas where these accidents occur more often.

Retail establishments

These businesses may have cluttered walkways, loose tiles, carpeting, or icy or uneven pavement. Slippery floors are the most common cause of accidents in these establishments.


Schools of any grade level are prime places for falls. Different laws protect public schools, so it will be crucial to work with a slip-and-fall attorney for this type of case.

Entertainment venues

Casinos, Movie Theaters, Stadiums, and other entertainment venues can have slippery floors, cluttered or littered walkways, and poorly lit staircases, to name a few causes of falling accidents.

Grocery stores

Most accidents that occur at a grocery store happen because of slippery floors. Leaking coolers, spilled products, and weather-related wet flooring are the leading causes of falls.

Gas stations

Gas station slips and falls usually relate to cluttered walkways, icy floors or pavement, uneven pavement, and wet flooring.


Slip and fall accidents at dining establishments usually relate to wet flooring, moving tiles or carpeting, or ice patches.

Apartment complexes

Apartment complex management is responsible for keeping common areas free of hazards. The most common accidents occur from poorly lit stairways, ice build-up, and uneven pavement.

It is also important to know that just because a “Wet Floor” sign has been put up, the property owner is not free from liability.

A wet sign only confirms the fact that the property management knew that there was a potential risk because of the wet flooring. 

Property owners are required to keep the flooring as dry as possible, regardless of weather conditions.

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Can you hold the property owner liable for a slip and fall injury?

New Jersey Slip and Fall Lawyer

If there was a preventable reason for your accident to occur, you could most likely hold the property owner liable for your accident.

Some of the most common liability issues include:

Wet flooring

Wet flooring is one of the most common causes of slip-and-fall accidents. Wet floor signs do not relieve the establishment of obligations to keep the floor dry and safe to use.


Icy parking lots, walkways, doorways, and stairs are another major cause of slip and fall accidents. Property owners are required to continue to remove ice and place salt down to keep ice from forming.

Loose or broken tiles

Loose or broken tiles can get caught on your shoes and cause you to trip and fall.

Loose or worn carpeting

Welcome mats that move when stepped on and worn carpeting can create dangerous walk areas. Worn carpeting can cause the flooring to be uneven, leading to a trip and fall.

Cluttered walkways

Many retail establishments build large displays or stack merchandise or boxes in walkways, making it dangerous for customers. 

Broken Stairways

Stairways can present several issues that could lead to a slip and fall. Stairs that are cluttered or have debris on them are dangerous.

Stairs without anti-slip strips pose a risk to people using the stairs. Broken, loose, or missing handrails can be dangerous, and lighting that provides only dim light can make any staircase dangerous.

Faulty Elevators

Elevators that are not properly maintained may not arrive at their destination floor evenly. This creates a ledge that can easily trip someone who is entering or exiting the elevator.

Uneven or broken pavement

Uneven or broken pavement in the parking lot, parking garage, or any walkway presents a hazard to anyone using these areas.

How can I get compensation for a New Jersey slip and fall accident?

When you are involved in a slip and fall accident, you are encouraged to take the following steps.

However, if you have not followed any or all of these steps, don’t panic. Rosengard Law Group will build your case based on the accident report, expert advice, and gathered evidence.

File an accident report

The most important thing you can do after you have been in a slip-and-fall accident is to file an accident report with the management.

This report will serve as proof that the accident occurred and will allow you to get immediate medical care.

Make sure to include as much information as possible on the report about the area’s conditions where you fell. Have witnesses leave their information.

If possible, use your cell phone to take pictures of where you fell.

Get medical care

It will be important to have a medical evaluation after your fall, even if the injuries seem minor. Fractures and head injuries are often overlooked at the accident scene because the person is too upset to recognize the symptoms. 

Never place your health at risk. Seek medical attention to determine the extent of your injuries.

Follow through with care

Your health is important. If the doctor tells you to stay home and rest – do just that. Following the doctor’s instructions is vital to your good health and your case.

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Common slip and fall injuries

Every accident is unique, as are the injuries received. Because of this, there are no set standards for “slip and fall injuries.” However, our experience shows that the following injuries are most commonly related to slip and fall accidents.

Broken or fractured wrists, ankle, shoulder, or collarbone

People tend to put their arms out when they fall to try to brace their bodies. This can cause wrist, shoulder, and collarbone fractures. It can also lead to rotator cuff tears. If you twist your ankle because of uneven pavement, the result may also include a fracture.

Tailbone fractures

Falling directly on your bottom can fracture your tailbone. As you can imagine, this is a hard bone to heal because of its location, and can take an extended time to heal.

Spine injuries

Your spine can be injured during the fall. You may have a fracture, bulge a disc, or have other issues that hurt your spine.

Neck injuries

Falling can cause injuries to the neck, especially if there are severe jerking motions during the fall.

Traumatic brain injuries

Falling and hitting your head on the pavement or flooring can lead to a concussion or other head injuries. Traumatic brain injuries are not uncommon in slip and fall accidents.

Hip fractures

While these injuries are more common with the elderly, they can happen to anyone who falls unexpectedly.

Cuts and bruising

Depending on the fall, it could result in cuts and bruising anywhere on your body.

What is the average settlement for a slip and fall accident?

Every accident is different, and because of that, every settlement will also be different. Many factors must be considered when determining the settlement value.

If you have sustained financial losses resulting from your accident, you are entitled to receive compensation for your losses.

Why do you need compensation when you’ve had a slip-and-fall accident?

It is a misconception that slip and fall injuries are simple events that do not require any further thought after the person stands up from falling. The truth is, that many of these slip and fall events lead to serious injuries and financial losses.

The Centers for Disease Control (CDC) states that slip and fall accidents are among the leading causes of injuries in the U.S., especially for those over the age of 55. The CDC further states that slip and fall accidents are one of the leading causes of head injuries.

If there was ever a concern why a person who was injured in a slip and fall accident needs compensation, please consider the following:

Medical costs

You should not be obligated to cover your medical expenses when you were injured due to someone else’s negligence.

The responsible party is obligated to cover all medical costs related to this accident and injury and any future medical costs you may incur.

There is never a reason to assume financial responsibility for your medical costs when you have been injured in an accident that was not your fault.

Loss of income

Have you had to miss work because of your injury?
Do doctor appointments interfere with your job?
Are you losing out on benefits because you are missing work?
Will you continue to miss work and lose benefits as a result of ongoing care?

You do not have to accept these financial hardships. Our attorneys will make sure you are compensated for any lost income and potential lost future earnings resulting from your accident.

Career impact

Has missing work impacted your career?
Will the injuries you received prevent you from doing your job in the future?
Will the injuries prevent you from advancing in your position in the future?
Will you be required to work at a diminished capacity or for fewer hours?
Will you have to leave work altogether?

All of these issues could lead to financial harm to you and your family. If you are experiencing any of these financial issues due to your accident and injury, it is only right that the responsible party covers these expenses.

Quality of life

How much as the injuries impacted your life? This is a very valid question. Your life is so much more than just how you earn your living.

There are so many other things that can be affected by an injury that must be addressed.

Can you still do the things you enjoy without being hindered by pain?
Can you go out and enjoy yourself in the same manner as you did before the fall?

Are you now prevented from doing some things because your injuries will not allow you to do them?

All of these issues are part of the quality of your life.

If your injuries have impacted the quality of your life, it is only fair that the responsible party be held accountable for your losses.

What should I expect from a slip-and-fall case?

It is common knowledge that you can sue for compensation if you have been involved in a slip and fall accident.

However, it is not common to know all the steps in a slip-and-fall lawsuit if this is your first time being involved in one.

At Rosengard Law Group, we believe that our clients must know all the steps of this legal process to know what is going on at all times with their case. This helps our clients feel more secure about the process and experience less stress.

Initial interview

The case begins with a FREE consultation. During this consultation, we’ll be able to talk about the events of the accident, your injuries, and your current financial losses.

We will also ask several questions about your injury and future earnings. We will also provide you with a list of documents you will need to gather to provide to the law firm to assist with your case.

Establishing fault

New Jersey law requires that the injured party prove that the property owner was negligent and responsible for their fall. To do this, we must establish fault. 

Establishing fault can be a challenge. Often, the thing that caused the accident is quickly cleaned up, repaired, replaced, or otherwise altered since the accident happened.

An experienced attorney, however, can still produce evidence even if this is the case.

If the property owner admits fault, this is not a guaranteed win.  Your attorney will still need to gather evidence to support this claim because the insurance company will never willingly accept an admission of fault.

Insurance companies are in the business of making money. They are not in the business of paying out claims, regardless of what their commercials say.

The insurance adjuster will not make it easy to make a claim and will most likely try to lowball any compensation that they offer.

Prove losses

You’ll need to figure out what your financial losses will be due to the accident.

Your attorney will gather the necessary documentation to show where your financial losses have happened or what financial things will be impacted in the future.

Dealing with the insurance company

Insurance companies are known for having policies in place that frustrate injury victims. They do this to discourage people from following through with their claims.

It is also not unusual for adjusters to delay or deny services to force the injury victim to close the claim so that they can get medical care on their own.

The attorneys at Rosengard Law Group understand these tactics and are prepared to put up a fight. We will ensure that your needs are met without delay and that the insurance company treats you fairly and respectfully.

Ensure The Best slip-and-fall settlement

Once a settlement agreement has been reached, we will ensure that all of your medical bills are paid, and other financial obligations have been met. Once this is completed, we will call you to come into the office to receive your check.

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