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Few things can happen that cause immediate physical, financial, and emotional turmoil, as a personal injury can, so it’s a good idea to speak with a Newark personal injury lawyer to learn how to protect your rights.

Types of Cases Handled By Our Newark Personal Injury Attorneys

Personal injury law refers to events where a person has been injured by the negligent actions of another person or entity. These cases can fall under a broad range of categories. Some of the personal injury cases we accept include:

A Newark Personal Injury Lawyer Can Take This Burden Off Your Shoulders

In addition to suffering from the injury itself, there are also mounting medical bills, lost income, and overall stress that come with this type of event.

As a personal injury victim, you should not have to suffer these burdens because of the actions of a negligent person. A NJ injury lawyer from the Rosengard Law Group can help you manage these burdens by identifying the responsible party and holding them liable for your losses.

Newark personal injury lawyer

We aggressively represent our clients and fight for the maximum compensation that they are entitled to for their losses.

Every action you take after being injured could impact your ability to claim compensation.

Why risk the amount of compensation you can receive by going through all of this stress alone.

Speak with a Newark personal injury attorney at Rosengard Law Group.

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Why Choose Rosengard Law Group?

Rosengard Law Group has distinguished itself from other Newark personal injury firms by providing superior customer service. We believe in having an open line of communication with our clients at all times.

We understand how difficult life is right now, and we do not want to add to that stress. We will keep in contact with you throughout the entire process to always know where your case stands.

We believe that having good communication with our clients lets them know that they are more than just another case.

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What Services Does A Newark Personal Injury Lawyer Provide?

All personal injury cases will require that the injury victim speaks with the insurance company covering the accident. This interaction with the insurance company will start with the insurance company telling you that “your case is very straightforward” and “you won’t even need an attorney for this issue.”

This is a tactic used by all insurance companies to reduce the value of your claim, if not squash the claim altogether. They rely on your willingness to believe them when they say that they have your best interests in mind and that they can make everything run smoothly and quickly.

Sadly, unrepresented injury victims almost always find themselves being taken for granted by the insurance companies.

Claims get delayed or denied, and medical care is denied or watered down, benefits you should receive are “forgotten.”

Any compensation package they present will be an extremely low-ball offer.

Rosengard Law Group does have the best interests of the injury victims in mind, and we will aggressively represent your claim and ensure that the insurance company treats you fairly.

Hiring Rosengard Law Group as your Newark personal injury lawyers will give you many benefits, including:

We Will Completely Investigate The Circumstances Surrounding Your Accident

When we investigate an accident, we look at all of the supporting evidence. We want to find the exact cause and the responsible party for the event. In some cases, we find multiple responsible parties.

Newark Personal Injury Lawyer

Interview Witnesses and Health Care Providers About Accident and Injuries

We will speak to all witnesses to the accident to build a clear picture of what took place when the accident happened. We will even subpoena witnesses if necessary, so we can build a solid case for compensation.

In addition to speaking with the witnesses to your accident, we will also speak to your health care providers about your injuries.

Every injury affects a person differently. We want to make sure that we know exactly how this injury has impacted you and your life to make sure that you are compensated accordingly.

Consult Experts In The Industry About Your Case

The attorneys at Rosengard Law Group may find it necessary to consult with industry experts about your case. We have access to these experts, so we can always build the best case for our clients.

Request and Review Important Documents, Pictures, and Videos

As your attorney, we will have the authority to access important documents, pictures, and video evidence related to your accident. This information will be used to build your compensation case.

Work As Your Representative With The Insurance Company

As your Newark personal injury attorneys, we will manage all interactions with the insurance company on your behalf. This will eliminate a lot of the stress and chaos you will experience after being injured.

As mentioned before, insurance companies often delay, deny, or undercut benefits to injury victims. Every insurance company’s objective is to pay out as little as possible for an insurance claim, even if it means not providing the injury victim with everything they are entitled to under the terms of the policy.

As your attorney, we will make sure that the insurance company plays fair. We will make sure that you receive the medical care you need to recover from your injuries and that all of the benefits you are entitled to are paid.

If the insurance company does not act fairly, Rosengard Law Group will take your case to trial.

We believe that injury victims deserve aggressive representation. We will ALWAYS fight for MAXIMUM compensation.

Take Your Case To Trial

A majority of personal injury claims never make it to trial. However, that does not mean that we will not prepare for the possibility. We will always prepare your compensation claim as if we have to go to trial. This way, if it happens that your claim goes to trial, there are never any delays.

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