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What Can The Insurance Company Hold Against Me? I’m the victim!

Everything You Say Will Be Held Against You By The Insurance Company

The most important information that you take away from this book is the following statement: Do not give a statement to the insurance company until you have spoken with an attorney.

Yes, we know that you must immediately report the accident so that the emergency room can take care of your injuries.

Yes, we understand that the insurance company has stated that your policy is void if you do not report your accident within a certain time frame.

Everything You Say Will Be Held Against You By The Insurance Company

We are saying that you should not give official information about your accident, injuries, or anything else until you have talked with an attorney.

Please report the accident, but please don’t give too much information.

Excuse yourself if they begin to ask questions by saying that you need to see the doctor now, and you will call back for an official statement later. This is perfectly legal, and they must respect this request.

Make sure that anything you do say when you speak to the adjuster cannot be twisted to diminish your claim.

These adjusters are highly skilled at getting information, especially information that can be twisted against you.

For example, when they answer the phone they will say “Hello, I am (insert their name), and I am here to help you with your claim.

How are you today? If you answer “fine” because you are being polite, you just diminished your claim.

Later, when you state that you are having problems from the injuries, they will refer back to this statement and say that you were “fine” when the accident happened.

Adjusters are also trained to start barraging you with questions right when you make the call.

You are already in a state of panic and confusion after the accident, so they take advantage of this mental state. 

They will ask questions like how fast you were going or if you could have done anything to prevent the accident.

Unknowingly, you may assume fault for the event with how you answer.

It is at this point that you are encouraged to tell them you will answer all of their questions once you have received medical care and have spoken with an attorney.

Avoid Posting Anything On Social Media About The Accident

You must understand that from the moment that you inform the insurance company that you are making a claim for an accident, they will begin to monitor your social media accounts.

NEVER post anything about your accident, injuries, medical care, or interactions with your attorney on your social media account.

If you want to tell people you were involved in an accident, say something very bland like “Was in a car accident today.” That is it. 

You should also be very careful about anything you post on your account before the case is settled.

Pictures of you attending a birthday party for your young relative, going on a vacation, or even a picture of you at home laughing can all be used against you.

These pictures indicate that you are fine and living pain-free to the adjuster.

You will also want to refrain from posting any updates about things you are doing, places you are going, or people that you are visiting.

The insurance company will use this information to indicate that life is normal for you.

A final thing to refrain from is posting “throwback” pictures.

Yea, that old picture of you dancing with someone at a wedding is funny or memorable, but the insurance company does not know that it was taken five years ago, and they will try to use it against you.

Tell your friends in person or on the phone that your social media account will be bland until your case is closed.

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