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What Causes Pain After a Car Accident in New Jersey?

After a car accident in New Jersey, prioritize your health by seeking medical attention immediately. Car accidents, regardless of severity, can have lasting effects on your physical and mental well-being, making them traumatic events.

Neglecting to treat injuries can exacerbate them, causing long-term damage and triggering different pain and discomfort. Identifying the causes of pain and potential symptoms is required to pursue appropriate medical care and facilitate recovery.

Moreover, seeking legal advice can assist you in getting through the complicated process of obtaining compensation for your injuries, and also seeking consult with an Expert Witness helps you a lot.

Demand what you deserve by getting the medical care and legal guidance necessary for a complete recovery and fair compensation.

What Causes Pain After a Car Accident in New Jersey?

How Long After Car Accidents Do You Feel Pain?

The onset of pain after a car accident can vary significantly. In some cases, the pain may be immediate, especially if you’ve sustained apparent injuries such as fractures, lacerations, or head trauma. However, in other instances, the pain may not manifest until hours, days, or even weeks after the accident.

A 2023 study published in the Journal of Pain Research found that over 20% of car accident victims reported experiencing delayed pain, with the average onset time being three days after the collision.

Delayed pain is often associated with soft tissue injuries, such as whiplash, sprains, or muscle strains, which may not be immediately apparent.

Under N.J. Stat. § 39:6A-8(a), the severity and timing of injuries can impact personal injury protection claims. It’s essential to remain vigilant and seek medical attention if you experience any pain or discomfort, even if it doesn’t appear immediately after the accident.

5 Warning Signs After Car Accidents

Be aware of these warning signs that may indicate a severe injury:

  1. Persistent Headaches: Headaches can signify a concussion or other injuries sustained during the accident.
  2. Neck or Back Pain: Whiplash and other spinal injuries can cause severe neck and back pain, even if the pain is not immediate.
  3. Numbness or Tingling: These sensations in your limbs or extremities may indicate nerve damage or pinched nerves.
  4. Abdominal Pain: Abdominal pain can be a symptom of internal bleeding or organ damage requiring prompt medical attention.
  5. Mood Changes or Cognitive Difficulties: Emotional disturbances or difficulties with memory, concentration, or decision-making can be signs of a traumatic brain injury.

Common Symptoms After Car Accidents in NJ

After a car accident in New Jersey, victims often experience a range of symptoms beyond pain. Swelling or bruising may appear, suggesting damage to soft tissues or bleeding internally.

Patient hold a cup of milk and suffering from pain after car accident

Injuries to joints, muscles, or ligaments can restrict movement and flexibility, making simple tasks more difficult. Some individuals may feel lightheaded or dizzy, which could indicate a possible concussion or head injury. Physical and emotional trauma can disturb sleep patterns, resulting in tiredness or difficulty sleeping. 

Sometimes, the emotional effects of the accident can appear as feelings of worry, sadness, or even post-traumatic stress disorder (PTSD).

It’s crucial to seek medical attention and consult a lawyer to address these symptoms and ensure proper recovery and compensation. We recommend you quickly submit the Medical Authorization form so as not to face any issues for treatment and the legal process.

Types of Pain Resulting from Auto Accidents in NJ

Car accidents can cause various types of pain, depending on the nature and location of the injuries sustained. Some common types of pain include:

  1. Musculoskeletal Pain: This includes pain in the muscles, tendons, ligaments, and bones, often resulting from sprains, strains, or fractures.
  2. Neurological Pain: Nerve damage or compression can cause radiating pain, numbness, tingling, or burning sensations in the affected areas.
  3. Headaches and Migraines: Head trauma or whiplash can lead to persistent headaches or migraines.
  4. Abdominal or Pelvic Pain: Internal organ damage or pelvic fractures can cause pain in the abdominal or pelvic regions.
  5. Chronic Pain: In some cases, injuries sustained in a car accident can lead to chronic pain conditions, such as fibromyalgia or complex regional pain syndrome (CRPS).

What to Expect Mentally After Car Accidents?

After a car accident, victims often face a range of mental and emotional challenges that can be just as debilitating as physical pain. Many individuals may develop anxiety or fear about driving or riding in vehicles again.

In contrast, others may struggle with depression, mood disorders, or even post-traumatic stress disorder (PTSD), which can appear as flashbacks, nightmares, or heightened anxiety. 

In serious accidents, head injuries or trauma can affect cognitive abilities, impacting memory, concentration, and decision-making skills. Addressing both physical and mental health concerns after a car accident is essential because they can significantly affect the recovery process and overall well-being.

Individuals can take the first step toward a better recovery by acknowledging and seeking help for these cognitive and emotional challenges. It’s common for people to develop a fear of driving or riding again after an accident, but this doesn’t necessarily mean they need to stop completely. With guidance on avoiding common mistakes after road accident accident, recovery can be expedited.

How do Insurance Companies Help in Personal Injury Cases?

If you’ve been involved in a car accident in New Jersey and sustained injuries, your insurance company can play a crucial role in your recovery process. Here’s how they can help:

  1. Medical Coverage: Most insurance policies cover medical expenses related to injuries sustained in a car accident, including hospital stays, doctor visits, and rehabilitation therapies.
  2. Lost Wages: If your injuries prevent you from working, your insurance policy may cover lost wages or income during your recovery period.
  3. Legal Assistance: Many insurance companies offer legal assistance or connect you with experienced personal injury attorneys to help you navigate the claims process and protect your rights.
  4. Compensation for Pain and Suffering: Depending on the circumstances of the accident and the extent of your injuries, you may be entitled to compensation for pain and suffering, which your insurance company or a personal injury attorney can help you pursue.

Contact with Experienced Car Accidents Attorney in NJ

If you’ve been in a car accident, you must contact an experienced car accident attorney who can provide expert guidance and representation.

While insurance companies may offer assistance, a skilled attorney can evaluate your case, negotiate with insurance companies to ensure fair compensation, and represent you in court if necessary. 

In New Jersey, the experienced car accident attorneys at Rosengard Law Group understand the importance of maximizing compensation after a devastating crash. You only have one opportunity to secure the financial resources you need to cover medical bills, lost wages, and other expenses.

Contact us for a free case consultation to discuss your situation and determine the best action. By working with our reputable attorneys, you can trust that your rights will be protected and receive the support you need to focus on your recovery. We’ll handle the legal aspects, ensuring you receive the compensation you need to move forward.


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Car accidents can have a profound impact on your physical and mental well-being, often resulting in various types of pain and discomfort. Understanding the causes and symptoms of pain after a car accident is essential for seeking proper medical attention and taking the necessary steps toward recovery. 

Every individual’s experience and recovery process may differ, so listening to your body and seeking professional help is essential. By being proactive and seeking the right support, you can increase your chances of a full and successful recovery after a car accident in New Jersey.

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