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A car accident takes only a few seconds to happen, and everything in your life can change in the blink of an eye. Sometimes those changes will be permanent. You never thought it could happen to you, but now it has, so it’s wise to learn what steps to take.

Rosengard Law Group Cherry Hill injury attorneys are here to help. We understand car accidents and the injuries that come from them. We understand how they impact a person’s life.

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What should I do after a car accident in Cherry Hill, NJ?

What should I do after a car accident in Cherry Hill, NJ?

Everything that you do after a car accident can have an impact on your compensation claim. 

When you have been involved in a car accident, you are encouraged to do the following:

Call 911 or emergency services

There are a few reasons for notifying emergency services. Most importantly, emergency services will send an ambulance to the scene and move the vehicles from the road to protect you from further accidents. Police services can manage traffic and call for tow truck services. 

The other reason is to ensure that the police come to the scene and make a report. That police report will play an important part in your compensation claim.

Get a medical evaluation immediately

You should have a medical exam as soon as you leave the scene of the accident. Even if you do not have to go to the ER by ambulance or believe your injuries are minor, you will want a medical professional to make that determination.

This is very important for your health. Many injuries do not exhibit symptoms right away, or the symptoms are attributed to being upset at the accident scene, such as a headache, tense muscles, or upset stomach. Protect your health and well-being by having a medical exam as soon as possible after the accident.

Gather information at the scene

If possible, gather information at the scene. Get names of witnesses, take pictures of the scene, the surrounding area, and of your injuries. Don’t panic if you do not do this or cannot do this because of your injuries. As your attorney, we will make sure that we get all the necessary information for your case.

Report the Accident to your insurance company

You will need to notify your car insurance company that an accident has occurred. By reporting the accident, you will be cleared to receive medical care. However, you should refrain from saying anything more than what is absolutely necessary when you report the accident.

IMPORTANT: Give the insurance company your name and contact information, tell them where the accident occurred and that you are seeking medical treatment. Tell them you will provide them with additional information after seeing a medical care provider. Only make a statement after speaking with a Cherry Hill car accident lawyer.

Contact A Cherry Hill Car Accident Lawyer

You should contact an attorney at the Rosengard Law Group as soon as possible after the accident occurs. Speak to an attorney before you give a formal statement to the insurance company. Having an attorney manage your compensation claim will ensure that your rights are protected throughout the claim process.

Don’t worry about paying for your legal representation. The Rosengard Law Group is a contingency-based law firm, which means you never have to worry about upfront legal costs. We don’t charge for our services. We get paid a percentage of the settlement.

What not to do after a car accident

We understand that you’re feeling emotional, stressed, and in pain. However, there are things that you should not do after the accident, no matter how upset you are by the event.

Never leave the scene

Sometimes people panic and leave the accident scene or try to drive to what they believe is a safer location. In a car accident, the only thing you should do is notify emergency services and wait until they arrive.

Never lose your temper

Emotions can run very high after a car accident. It is easy to understand that you are upset and angry at what the other person just caused to happen. However, keeping these feelings to yourself is in your best interest. An outburst can reflect poorly on any future legal actions. 

Never admit fault or assume partial responsibility

Be very careful what you say about the accident to the other person involved, the police officers, medical professionals, or the insurance company. Simple statements like “I am so sorry this happened,” “I guess I should have paid more attention,” or “I didn’t see you…” can be used against you as assuming responsibility or partial responsibility for the accident.

New Jersey is a comparative negligence state. This means that your compensation claim can be reduced if it is believed that you are partially responsible for the accident. 

Never provide a statement to the Insurance company without an attorney

The insurance company will be very aggressive about having you provide them with a full statement about the accident and your injuries. Some insurance adjusters will even come directly to the emergency room to get a statement. Only make a statement once you have spoken with one of our Cherry Hill car accident attorneys.

Regardless of what you will be led to believe or the amount of pressure the adjustor places on you, you have the right to speak with an attorney before giving any official statement to the insurance company.

Do not share about your accident on social media

The insurance companies and the at fault parties will monitor your social media to look for posts to hold against you. To be safe, just stay off social media. 

What will a Cherry Hill car accident attorney do for me?

What will a Cherry Hill car accident attorney do for me?

When you notify the insurance company that you have been in an accident, they will automatically tell you that they will manage your claim and that it is not necessary to have legal representation. They tell you this because it is for their benefit. They know an NJ car accident lawyer will fight for you, so they have to pay a larger settlement.

As your Cherry Hill car accident lawyer, we will provide you with the following services:

Investigate your car accident case

Our attorneys will investigate every aspect of your case. We will review the police report, examine photographs and crash reconstruction expert drawings, and see any video footage of the accident. 

We will interview witnesses and speak with experts about the scene of the accident to get the most accurate account of what took place, so fault for the accident can be established.

We will speak with experts about your losses

We will speak with experts about your losses. This includes your current financial losses as well as potential future losses that are a result of your accident. This protects our clients from unfair financial hardships that are a result of the accident and injury.

We will make sure you are getting all the medical care you need

It is not unusual for insurance adjusters to deny or delay medical treatments because they feel that they are not necessary or too expensive to cover. Our attorneys will make sure you are receiving all the necessary care you need to make a recovery from your accident.

We will manage all legal paperwork with the insurers and the courts

Compensation claims can be very complex, and there are deadlines for submitting paperwork and court documents. Our attorneys will always be on top of things and will ensure your paperwork is completed properly and filed on time with the insurers and the court system.

We will manage all communication with the insurance companies

This ensures that you are not harassed, tricked, or otherwise bullied by the insurance companies into accepting low ball offers, admitting to fault for the accident, or making a statement that can be twisted against you. Our attorneys manage this stressful situation, so you can focus on your recovery and get back to living your life as quickly as possible. 

We will build a claim for your injury compensation

We will collect all of the evidence necessary, speak to your medical care providers, and consult with experts to build a case for compensation. Our extensive research helps us secure maximum compensation packages for our clients.

We will prepare your car accident case for trial

During the entire process, we will be preparing your case for trial. In the event that a settlement cannot be reached, we will be prepared to take your case to trial without any delays.

We will fight for the best possible car accident settlement

One of the best services that we provide is negotiating your settlement. Our skilled car accident attorneys will ensure you receive the maximum compensation for your losses. We will ensure that any compensation you are entitled to under the law is included as part of your settlement package. We will keep you informed throughout the entire settlement process.

We will take your car accident claim to court if necessary

If a full and fair settlement cannot be reached, we will file the lawsuit and take your case to trial. Most insurance companies wish to avoid this step because going to trial is very expensive, and in most cases, the jury will award it to the injured party.

What types of compensation can I claim for my car accident?

Every car accident is different, and the types and amounts of compensation that you will receive will also differ. During your initial consultation, we will explain to you the types of compensation that will apply to your case. We can provide a much clearer value to the amount of compensation you should expect during this process.

You may qualify for one or more of the following types of car accident injury compensation:

Medical bills

All of your medical bills associated with the accident will be included as part of your compensation package. This will also include any future medical care you may need for your injuries. If you require long-term care, we will include this projected amount in this compensation category.

Lost wages and benefits

If you have been forced to miss work because of your injuries, you will receive compensation for the lost wages and benefits you would have received.

Future earning capacity

If your injuries are going to prevent you from returning to work, or if you can only return at a diminished capacity, then we will seek compensation for the lost wages and benefits you would have received in the future. 

Accident related expenses

If you have had expenses related to your accident, such as changes that needed to be made to your home or vehicle to accommodate your injuries, costs for over the counter supplies recommended by your medical care provider, or had to pay for services around your home such as lawn care or babysitting because you were unable to do these tasks, we can include this as part of your settlement.

Pain and suffering

Pain and Suffering is non-economic damage and will vary greatly from person to person. This type of compensation is calculated by using the facts of the case. 

Mental anguish

Mental anguish is just like pain and suffering but specifically applies to the mental and emotional trauma a person goes through as the result of being injured in an accident. This type of compensation is calculated in the same manner as pain and suffering.

Other Losses

Other types of compensation may include:

  • Loss of companionship
  • Loss of services
  • Loss of enjoyment of life
  • Loss of consortium
  • Punitive damages

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