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Our Legal Resources: Experts and Technology

Our NJ injury lawyers believe that every case should be managed with the utmost professionalism and dedication. We prepare each of our cases as if it were going to trial. Part of this preparation is using specialty resources to help prove our client’s case.

Attorneys for the insurance companies are less likely to act unfairly when they see that the law firm representing a case has qualified experts evaluating a case and that state-of-the-art technology is being used to prepare the case.

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Legal Resources: Experts and Technology
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Why Rosengard Law Group

Rosengard Law Group uses the following types of experts and technology to prepare our cases:

Medical experts

Our firm has established relationships with legal, medical, and financial experts to help us build a solid case. Our dedication to our clients has allowed us to build great working relationships with these experts that are beneficial to every client. We will bring in a neurologist to provide testimonies on a head injury, an orthopedic doctor to evaluate broken bones, and a psychologist to provide a mental health evaluation to determine emotional suffering. We will not hesitate to consult any or all of these experts to help solidify your case.

Accident reconstruction experts

Sometimes it is difficult to establish what caused an accident and who is actually at fault. The information provided at the scene may not be accurate, or some of the relevant information needs to be included. We work with accident reconstruction specialists to scientifically determine the cause of the accident and the party responsible for the event.

Other experts

Our law firm has established many working relationships with specialists of all kinds. Scientists that can help us figure out the long-term effects of an injury or how hard the actual impact was when the accident occurred are just a few of the experts we work with to build your case.

We work with financial experts to help determine the long-term financial losses you will endure from the injury. We also work closely with therapists and mental health professionals to help the injury victim and their loved ones get through this traumatic time in their lives.

Private investigators

Our law firm works with leading private investigators to help access witnesses and find missing information relevant to your case.

Graphic artists

A good lawyer can present a case that will make you think about what happened during the accident and what types of injuries were received. A great lawyer will make sure that the Defendant and any potential judge and jury can visually see what happened. Our law firm will hire digital graphic artists to recreate accidents and injuries to give a visual representation of the seriousness of the case.

E-Discovery software

Many cases now require that digital documents be presented as evidence. Gathering and sorting digital documents for relevancy can be time-consuming and costly. We have the right software in place that allows us to manage digital documents in a quick and efficient manner.

Medical diagnostic equipment

We understand that there are many medical devices that can enhance the diagnosis of an injury. We make sure that our clients get the access they need to CAT Scans, PET, and MRI scans to ensure their diagnosis is complete.

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