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How Does Distracted Driving Cause Car Accidents?

Imagine you’re driving down the road, and suddenly, your phone buzzes with a notification.

You glance at it for just a second, and in that moment, everything changes. Distracted driving, a seemingly harmless act, can have severe consequences. 

This article will discuss the complications of distracted driving causing car accidents.

It will also explore the risks, the laws in New Jersey, and what you can do to prevent and handle these situations.

How Does Distracted Driving Cause Car Accidents

Distracted Driving Statistics in 2023 in New Jersey

Let’s check how much distracted driving is a problem. In 2023, it’s a big issue in New Jersey. Statistics show that about 17.18% of accidents happen because drivers need to pay more attention.

These numbers aren’t just dull figures; they mean real people are dealing with the results of a short moment when they weren’t focused on driving.

It’s a reminder that even a tiny distraction can lead to significant consequences on the road.

Types of Major Risks Due to Distracted Driving

Distracted driving poses various major risks, and awareness of them is essential. Some expected consequences include:

Increased Collision Risk

Drivers who take their eyes off the road, even for a few seconds, significantly increase the risk of collisions.

Delayed Reaction Time

When attention is diverted, reaction times slow down. This can be critical in situations that demand quick decisions.

Injuries and Fatalities

Accidents resulting from distracted driving often lead to injuries and, tragically, fatalities.

Understanding these risks is crucial in realizing the gravity of the issue and why addressing distracted driving is of utmost importance.

Which age group falls into distracted driving accidents in New Jersey

Another aspect to consider is which age group is more susceptible to distracted driving accidents in New Jersey. 

Recent studies indicate that younger drivers, particularly those in their teens and twenties, are more prone to distracted driving. 

The appeal of staying connected through smartphones often makes this age group more vulnerable to the dangers associated with distracted driving.

Does New Jersey Allow Cell Phone Use While Driving?

Many wonder if you can use a cell phone while driving in New Jersey. In 2023, New Jersey made strict rules to stop distracted driving. 

You can’t use handheld devices, like cell phones while driving. No texting, calling, or anything that takes your hands off the wheel or makes you not pay attention. 

It’s a way to keep everyone safe on the road by ensuring drivers stay focused and avoid accidents caused by distractions.

Distracted Driving Lawsuit in New Jersey

What happens if you become a victim of a distracted driving accident in New Jersey? Understanding the legal procedures is crucial. 

You may be entitled to compensation if you’ve been injured due to someone else’s distracted driving.

A distracted driving lawsuit in New Jersey could help you recover damages for medical expenses, lost wages, and pain and suffering

It is crucial to promptly consult with personal injury attorneys to obtain legal guidance when dealing with the intricate aspects of such cases.

Causes of Distracted Driving in NJ

Now, let’s discuss the causes of distracted driving in New Jersey. Beyond just cellphone use, distractions can come in various forms:

Texting and Calling

The most common form of distraction, using a cell phone for texting or calling, diverts attention from the road.

Eating and Drinking

Consuming food or beverages while driving may seem harmless, but it takes your hands off the wheel and attention away from the road.

Adjusting Controls

Playing with the radio, adjusting the air conditioning, or other in-car controls can be distractions that lead to accidents.


Letting your mind wander while driving is a significant cause of accidents. It’s essential to stay focused on the road at all times.

Speak with a Car accident attorney in New Jersey

If you’re facing problems after a distracted driving accident, talking to a car accident attorney in New Jersey is super important. 

People like the experts at Rosengard Law Firm can help you understand what to do. They know the laws and can guide you in filing a claim, talking to insurance companies, and even taking legal steps if needed. 

Getting professional advice ensures you’re on the right path to handle the accident’s consequences and protect your rights.


How to Avoid Distracted Driving in NJ?

Avoiding distracted driving in New Jersey is crucial for everyone on the road. Simple: put your phone away, set your GPS, and adjust controls before driving; eat before driving and stay focused.

How Does an Insurance Company Investigate Distracted Driving Accidents in New Jersey?

When investigating distracted driving accidents, insurance companies consider police reports, witness statements, phone records, and photographic evidence.


Wandering on the busy streets of New Jersey involves a responsibility to stay alert and focused. Knowing how distracted driving leads to accidents is key to preventing them.

It’s like weaving a safety net. By recognizing the risks, obeying traffic laws, and getting legal advice when necessary, we make the roads safer for ourselves and everyone else. 

It’s a shared effort to ensure each journey is as secure as possible. Stay focused, stay safe, and work together to reduce the impact of distracted driving on our lives.

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