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The Insurance Company Sent Me Some Simple Papers To Sign. What Should I Do?

One of the ways that insurance companies can undermine your rights as a personal injury claimant is to have you sign various documents that give them special rights.

Whatever you do, do not sign anything without having it reviewed by your attorney.

The insurance company sent me some simple papers to sign. What should I do?

Never Sign Any Insurance Documents Without Having A Lawyer Review Them First

The adjuster will be very adamant about you signing a statement. They will tell you that this paperwork is just your “standard forms” and that it is not necessary to have your attorney look at them.

This may be seen to be truthful, but you are encouraged to refrain from signing even the most “basic” document without legal review.

Why? Because everything that an insurance company does is a calculated gesture.

If they ask you to sign a document permitting them to see your medical records, it is easy to assume that they are just going to look at the information about the accident. 

In reality, they are going to search through all of your medical records that they can get so that they can find reasons to show that your injury or disability is from something in your past and not from the accident.

Always play it safe and speak with an attorney before signing any form for the insurance company, even if it seems like a very straightforward and harmless document.

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