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Evidence Used In A Car Accident Case

When you have been in an accident that was not your fault, you are entitled to seek compensation from the at-fault party. To make a compensation claim, you must provide evidence that the accident happened, that you were injured, and have financial losses. You can read on to learn more or call us to speak with a New Jersey car accident attorney.

What Is Evidence?

Evidence is anything that you can use to prove a fact or statement. If you have been injured in a car accident, it will be essential for you to gather evidence to support your claim. Evidence can be divided into categories, with some evidence considered more credible than others.

Evidence Used In A Car Accident Case - Rosengard Law Group

What Types Of Evidence Can Be Used In A Car Accident Claim?

The most potent types of evidence include the following:

Police Report and Witness Statements

The police report is one of the most important pieces of evidence that you can have for your case. This official document will describe the accident scene and contain relevant information about the other party. The police will also document their findings when they investigate the scene.

The police report may also include witness information or statements. These witnesses can provide insightful information about the event that can help your case.

Medical Records and Receipts

All medical records of your accident and injury are relevant to your compensation claim. It will be essential to have all of these records to submit to the insurer. You must keep these receipts if you have paid for medical bills or supplies.

Keep all unpaid doctor bills to submit for reimbursement.

Additionally, if you have had to adjust your home or vehicle to accommodate your injury or purchase special equipment to aid your recovery, make sure you keep these receipts.

Employment Documents

If you have missed work because of the accident and injury, you must provide evidence of your pay rate and the number of hours you have missed. If you have missed out on employer benefits, bonuses, or other employer perks such as retirement contributions, you need to provide evidence of these losses.

Evidence Used In A Car Accident Case

I would like to remind you to get official documents from your company to show financial losses. Economic losses can be challenging to prove, so having more evidence of your losses is beneficial. You may also want to gather two previous tax returns to show your income level over the past two years.

Expert Testimony

Experts in different industry areas provide input for your case holds a lot of weight. You can have medical experts review your injuries and anticipated recovery, and financial experts check your current and potential future financial losses because of your injury. Your attorney may also use an accident reconstruction expert to help show fault for the accident.

Photos and Videos

Pictures of the accident scene and your injuries are considered substantial evidence. If you cannot take photos at the scene, your attorney may request traffic camera footage or security surveillance videos to get evidence about the accident.

Work With An Attorney To Build A Strong Case

When you work with a personal injury lawyer, your lawyer can help you gather the most relevant evidence for your claim. They can also present this evidence to the insurance company as part of your compensation claim.

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