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How Do You Handle Commercial Vehicle Accidents And Investigations In NJ?

Dealing with a commercial vehicle accident in New Jersey can be challenging, but knowing what to do is essential. Imagine yourself on the road when a big truck is in an accident. What’s the next step? 

This guide will explore practical steps to stay safe, gather necessary information, and understand the common causes of such incidents. 

Come along as we explore the details of handling commercial vehicle accidents in NJ, giving you the knowledge to handle this situation confidently and clearly.

How Do You Handle Commercial Vehicle Accidents And Investigations In NJ?

Immediate Steps to Take After a Commercial Vehicle Accident

Commercial vehicle accidents can be massive, but taking immediate steps is crucial to ensure safety and gather essential information.

Ensuring Safety

Safety is the priority after a commercial vehicle accident. Move to a safe location, away from traffic, to avoid further harm.

Seeking Medical Assistance

Even if injuries seem minor, seek medical attention promptly. Some injuries may not manifest immediately, and early intervention is vital.

Gathering Information and Evidence

Collecting information is critical. Exchange contact details with the involved parties, take photos of the accident scene, and note any witness information.

Examining the Trucking Company’s Data & Records

If possible, gather information about the trucking company involved. This may include the driver’s logbook, maintenance records, and other relevant documents.

Report the Accident to the Police

Contact law enforcement to report the accident. A police report provides an official incident record and aids the investigation.

Most Common Causes of Commercial Vehicle Accidents

Understanding the common causes of commercial vehicle accidents is crucial in preventing future incidents.

Drunk Driving

Statistics reveal that alcohol-related accidents involving commercial vehicles are a significant concern. Stay vigilant and report any signs of impairment.

Distracted Driving

The prevalence of mobile phones and other distractions increases the likelihood of accidents. Prioritize attention to the road and promptly report any signs of erratic behavior caused by distracted driving.


Speeding is a leading cause of accidents. Monitor your speed and report reckless driving to the authorities.

Poor Truck Maintenance

Inadequate maintenance poses risks. Report poorly maintained commercial vehicles to relevant authorities.

Reckless Lane Changes

Aggressive driving, especially reckless lane changes, can lead to accidents. Stay cautious and report unsafe driving behaviors.

Defects in the Commercial Vehicle

Malfunctions or defects in commercial vehicles can cause accidents. Report any observed issues promptly.

Driver Fatigue

Long hours on the road can result in fatigue. Encourage regular breaks and report signs of drowsy driving.

Conducting an Investigation and Establishing Liability for a Commercial Vehicle Accident in NJ

Determining liability is crucial for fair compensation. Follow these steps to conduct a thorough investigation:

Preserve Evidence

Ensure all relevant evidence, including vehicle damage, skid marks, and witness statements, are preserved.

Secure Expert Opinions

Consult with accident reconstruction experts or investigators to analyze the scene and provide insights.

Evaluate Surveillance Footage

Review surveillance footage to understand the sequence of events leading to the accident, if available.

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How common and Serious are commercial vehicle accidents in NJ?

According to recent studies, New Jersey sees many commercial vehicle accidents annually, underscoring the need for increased awareness and preventive measures. Unfortunately, severe injuries and even deaths can happen, stressing the need to address this problem urgently.

Preventing commercial vehicle accidents in New Jersey requires a multi-faceted approach. 

Here are some possible preventive measures:

Enhanced Driver Training

Implement comprehensive training programs for commercial vehicle drivers to enhance their skills and awareness on the road.

Strict Regulation and Enforcement

Enforce and strengthen regulations related to commercial vehicle operation, ensuring adherence to safety standards and limiting factors contributing to accidents.

Regular Vehicle Maintenance Checks

Mandate routine maintenance checks for commercial vehicles to address potential issues before they become safety hazards.

Technological Solutions

Invest in and promote advanced safety technologies, such as collision avoidance systems and driver-assistance tools, to mitigate the risk of accidents.

Driver Fatigue Management

Implement measures to address driver fatigue, including regulated rest periods and encouraging proper sleep schedules.

Public Awareness Campaigns

Launch public awareness campaigns to educate both commercial drivers and the general public about the risks associated with commercial vehicles and the importance of safe driving practices.

Traffic Management and Infrastructure Improvements

Assess and improve road infrastructure, especially in high-risk areas, to enhance traffic flow and reduce the likelihood of accidents.

Monitoring and Reporting Systems

Implement systems for monitoring and reporting unsafe driving behaviors, allowing for timely intervention and corrective actions.

Collaboration with the Industry

Foster collaboration between regulatory authorities and the commercial vehicle industry to jointly address safety concerns, share best practices, and implement effective safety measures.

Emergency Response Training

Provide training for emergency response teams to handle commercial vehicle accidents efficiently, minimizing response time and ensuring practical assistance.

When implemented collectively, these preventive measures can contribute to a safer environment on New Jersey roads and reduce the frequency and severity of commercial vehicle accidents.

Contact an Experienced Commercial Vehicle Accident Attorney in NJ

Regarding a commercial vehicle accident in NJ, getting help from a skilled attorney is crucial. 

Experts like Rosengard Law Firm can assist by collecting proof, talking to insurance, and ensuring you receive fair compensation for any harm caused. 

Their experience makes the legal process smoother and helps you get needed support.


What information and evidence should I collect after a commercial vehicle accident?

Collect the following:

  • Contact information of involved parties.
  • Photos of the accident scene.
  • Witness statements.
  • Police report.
  • Trucking company information.

How can I prove the liability of the commercial vehicle driver or owner?

To establish liability:

  • Preserve evidence.
  • Seek expert opinions.
  • Review surveillance footage.


Acting quickly and thinking carefully after a truck accident in NJ is essential. Follow the steps and learn about common causes to deal with the situation better and make things easier afterward.

Remember, seeking legal advice is crucial to ensure a fair resolution and proper compensation. Stay safe on the road and proactively prevent commercial vehicle accidents.

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