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How Failure to Yield Results in Motorcycle Accidents

Motorcycles offer a sense of freedom on the open road, but they also bring unique risks. One major cause of these two-wheeled mishaps is the failure to yield by other drivers.

When someone doesn’t give the right of way, it can lead to devastating consequences, especially for motorcyclists. 

On New Jersey’s crowded roads, this problem is more noticeable. This article will explain how not giving way causes many motorcycle accidents in the Garden State.

How Failure to Yield Results in Motorcycle Accidents

As we explore this topic, we’ll uncover the deep-seated reasons and the impact of such negligence on our roads.

How Failure to Yield Causes What Percent of Accidents in NJ

In New Jersey, failure to yield is a significant concern. According to the New Jersey Department of Transportation, approximately 25% of motorcycle accidents in the state are attributed to drivers not yielding the right of way. 

This means many accidents could be prevented if drivers were more careful about letting others go first when required.

Does Failure to Yield Affect Insurance Claims in NJ

In New Jersey, not yielding when you should can have consequences for your insurance. If you’re found responsible for causing an accident because you didn’t yield, your insurance premiums could go up. 

Statistics show that at-fault drivers often see a rise in their insurance costs. Additionally, not yielding can influence the amount of money you might receive from a claim. 

It can also play a role in deciding who was legally at fault for the accident. It’s essential to be aware of these implications.

Common Causes of Failure to Yield in Accidents

  1. Distraction: With the rise of smartphones, distracted driving has become a leading cause.
  2. Impaired Driving: Consumption of alcohol or drugs can impair judgment.
  3. Poor Visibility: Weather conditions like fog or rain can hinder a driver’s ability to see oncoming motorcycles.
  4. Misjudgment: Sometimes, drivers mistakenly believe they have enough time to turn or enter a roadway.

How to Protect Our Legal Rights in Accidents

Protecting your legal rights begins at the scene:

  1. Document Everything: Take photos, collect witness information, and jot down details.
  2. Seek Medical Attention: Even if injuries seem minor, get a medical examination.
  3. Consult with an Attorney: Before speaking with insurance adjusters, consult a legal expert to understand your rights.

Failure to Yield Results in Death in New Jersey

It’s heartbreaking to note that not yielding can have tragic outcomes. In New Jersey, many deadly motorcycle crashes occur because drivers don’t give way as they should.

Statistics indicate a worrisome link between these fatal accidents and failure to yield. Everyone on the road must be extra cautious to prevent such tragedies.

Experts believe one reason is the smaller size of motorcycles. They’re harder to see compared to more oversized vehicles. 

So, when larger vehicles don’t yield, the consequences can devastate motorcyclists. 

Most Common Damages Due to Failure to Yield

  1. Medical Bills: From minor injuries to surgeries.
  2. Lost Wages: Due to time taken off work for recovery.
  3. Property Damage: Repair or replacement of the motorcycle.
  4. Pain and Suffering: Emotional and psychological trauma.

Hiring an Experienced Motorcycle Accident Lawyers in NJ

Dealing with the repercussions of a motorcycle accident is not straightforward, especially in New Jersey, where the legal intricacies can be challenging. Statistics show that victims with legal representation often secure better compensation. 

The Rosengard Law Firm, with its expertise in motorcycle accident cases, stands out in this regard. Their experienced lawyers offer guidance every step of the way, ensuring victims’ rights aren’t overlooked. 

With their help, many have successfully claimed the compensation they rightfully deserve, making the recovery process a bit more manageable.


Give any reason why failure to yield happens in motorcycle accidents.

Distraction or misjudgment by the driver.

Can I file another appeal in court following an unsuccessful attempt related to a failure to yield to an accident in New Jersey?

Yes, with new evidence or grounds, you can appeal a decision in New Jersey courts.


While motorcycles offer an unparalleled sense of freedom on the road, they also come with increased risks. 

Understanding the dangers of failure to yield and taking preventive measures can make a significant difference in ensuring safety for all road users. 

If you are in an unfortunate situation, remember to protect your rights and seek expert legal guidance.

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